Why visit Trabzon?

Planning a trip to Trabzon from Doha? Trabzon is one of the major cities of Turkey and the biggest one in the Eastern Black Sea region.  It’s a popular trade gateway to Iran in the southeast and the Caucasus in the northeast with a total population of 770 thousand in 2015 and 4,664 km2 in size.

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Located in the well-known Silk Road, Trabzon has been a meeting point of religions, traditions, languages, and cultures for centuries. In addition, it played an integral role in history due to its harbour and vital position on the Silk Road.  The city is known as a hospitable, energetic, traditional and patriotic city, which is culturally somewhat unique from the rest of the country.

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Aya Sofya

The city abounds in picturesque Moseqes, One of the Turkey most historic buildings, Aya Sofya which was built between 1238 and 1263 and located 4km west of Trabzon's centre close to the sea. The Moseque's design was influenced by Georgian and Seljuk, although the wall paintings and mosaic floors follow the prevailing Constantinople style of the time. The building was converted to a mosque after Ottoman conquest.


Ouzngol Lake

Visit Ouzngol Lake, the most famous tourist attraction of both the region and Turkey. Enjoy the enchanting nature and a mazing views with the green forest where you can camp, relax or walk around the lake.


Ataturk Palace

Architecture lovers need to discover Ataturk Palace, one of the most stunning landmarks in Turkey which was built in 1890. Enjoy the beauty of the palace's garden, which includes colorful flowers with beautiful landscapes. You can enter the palace and enjoy the many artifacts dating back to the 19th century, including clothes, furniture, paintings and more.



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