We believe baggage is an important part of your journey, and for this reason, SalamAir offers you a chance to carry extra baggage while travelling.
Now you can add extra baggage of 10KG or 20KG while making your booking.

If you missed adding extra baggage while making your booking or you have carried extra weight than anticipated, don’t worry! You will still be able to carry your extra weight as per the rate offered at the airport, this rate will be different to the online rate. For more information, please contact our call center or visit one of our appointed travel agents at your connivance.

With SalamAir, travel with peace of mind knowing you have brought along all you need for your trip.

SalamAir retains the authority to assign excess baggage availability for each flight as per operational necessities during booking and check-in procedures. If excess baggage options are unavailable during booking, passengers must comply with the baggage allocation outlined in their booking class. Any additional weight or baggage beyond the allocated allowance will incur charges at the check-in counter. The airline reserves the right to refuse unbooked or unpurchased excess baggage during check-in based on operational requirements.

Excess baggage