Flights to Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan. Travel Tips & Information

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Located near the gigantic Tian Shan Mountain range, Almaty in Kazakhstan is described as a magnificent city with surprises offering picturesque scenic views and luxury shopping experiences.

Almaty is the old capital city of Kazakhstan and remains the financial as well as the cultural hub. Almaty means 'city of apple trees', and because of its relatively mild climate, it has a wide range of apple trees.

The city of Almaty first came to global prominence as one of the many stops on The Silk Road, as traders crossed countries and continents to trade. 

Almaty is known for its major natural attractions, such as the Kolsai Lakes, Charyn Canyon, and Altyn-Emel National Park. 

It has wide tree-lined streets, numerous parks and orchards amid a backdrop of mountains. Tourism is a key industry in Almaty and is a significant source of foreign exchange earnings.

It is also known for mountain hiking and river rafting in summer and skiing in winter.

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Kok Tobe Hill

The beautiful Kok Tobe Hill is located in the central part of the city. To get there, you have to take a cable car or go on a scenic ride.  You can enjoy the stunning view of Almaty from atop and the mountains around. The best time to visit the spot is around sunset.

Kolsai Lakes

The three alpine lakes of Kolsai are filled with clear, shimmering blue waters and surrounded by peaceful conifer forests. Famed for their beauty, the lakes are a highlight of the Almaty region. Though Kolsai Lakes are located around 300 km outside of Almaty, it is much recommended for their stunning beauty.

Central Mosque

The Central Mosque of Almaty is a magnificent gold-domed building with minarets that rise against the backdrop of the stunning Zailiysky Alatau Mountains. It is one of the largest mosques in the country and can hold up to 7,000 visitors. The magnificent courtyard of the mosque impresses with its charming views and good lighting. It is known as an incredibly peaceful place where one can sit, relax and pray while appreciating the encompassing beauty.

Medeo skating rink

Medeo, a sports complex located in Almaty, boasts the world's largest high mountain skating rink, spanning over 10.5 thousand square meters. With its breathtaking skating rink, Medeo secures a spot as one of the top 10 must-visit attractions in Almaty. Regularly hosting flash mobs and other events for visitors, Medeo is not just a place for skating enthusiasts, but also a hub of activity and entertainment.