Frequently Asked Questions - Covid-19 Assistance Cover  

As part of its commitment to its passengers, SalamAir is offering COVID-19 Assistance cover for its passengers arriving in the Sultanate of Oman holding GCC Passports or GCC National IDs or Visas issued by the Sultanate of Oman including residency, visit, or business. This assistance covers COVID-19 related medical and quarantine expenses for passengers flying into the Sultanate on SalamAir effective from 01st October 2020 until 31st March 2022 for travel during the same period. This does not cover Omani nationals and passengers transiting through Oman.

  • 1. Which passengers can request assistance under SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover?

    This assistance applies to SalamAir passengers booked and ticketed on SalamAir operated flights, flying into the Sultanate of Oman and passengers holding GCC Passports or GCC National IDs or Visas issued by the Sultanate of Oman including residency, visit, or business visas, with travel dates from 01st October 2020 until 31st March 2022 for travel during the same period.

  • 2. Does this cover apply to SalamAir flights transiting or connecting through Sultanate of Oman?

    No, this assistance does not apply to transiting or connecting SalamAir flights within Oman.

  • 3. Do I need to purchase this assistance separately?

    No, this Assistance is automatically effective following the purchase of your SalamAir flight into the Sultanate of Oman between 01st October 2020 and 31st December 2021.

  • 4. Do I need to register for this COVID-19 cover or fill in any application forms or submit any documents before I fly?

    No, SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover is automatically included in your ticket into the Sultanate of Oman issued on SalamAir international flights departing from 01st Oct 2020 until 31st December 2020

  • 5. Upon arrival into Sultanate of Oman on SalamAir flight, I have tested positive with COVID-19, how can I avail SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover?

    Please get in touch with SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover by:

    • calling the following number: 00968 94779273
    • sending a WhatsApp to the following number: 0066 92596 5630

    •  Email:
  • 6. Do I need to obtain pre-approval before incurring any cost for medical treatment or quarantine charges when tested COVID-19 positive?

    Yes. You must obtain pre-approval from the SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover team for any expenses. Failure to comply with this will void any assistance.

    SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover will not reimburse any direct payments made for this assistance.

  • 7. Can I pay first and then reclaim my expenses?

    No, you are required to contact SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover as soon as possible if you are tested positive COVID-19 and they will arrange for the medical assistance that is required by you.

  • 8. What is the duration of my assistance? What if I have a one-way ticket?

    This assistance is valid for 30-days from the date of your first international SalamAir flight into the Sultanate of Oman, whether it is a one-way ticket into the Sultanate or a return ticket. This assistance is available to you in the Sultanate of Oman only. 

    If you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during the 30-day period while in the Sultanate, this assistance will continue and cease upon reaching the benefit limit or upon your recovery from COVID-19 or completion of a quarantine period of maximum 14 days, whichever is applicable.

  • 9. Am I covered for this assistance if I am travelling to my Home Country or Country of Residence?

    Yes, if either your Home Country or your Country of Residence is the Sultanate of Oman.

  • 10. Do I need to have a Negative PCR report before taking my SalamAir flight into Sultanate of Oman?

    No, unless specifically required by your departure airport.

  • 11. Am I covered for the cost of COVID-19 test?


  • 12. Will I be covered if I continued my journey by car, train, or flight to another city after arriving into Sultanate of Oman?

    Yes, you will be covered as per the Terms and Conditions for a period of 30 days upon arrival into the Sultanate of Oman.

  • 13. What information or documents do I need once I have tested positive for COVID-19?

    The following are required documents when you contact SalamAir COVID-19 Global Assistance Cover:

    a)    SalamAir flight ticket

    b)    SalamAir Boarding pass

    c)    Passport, including residency visa page if applicable

    d)    COVID-19 positive test result that should be dated after the first flight and within 5 days after receiving the results

    e)    Passenger e-mail address and contact phone number

    f)      You will also need to allow SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover to have access to your medical data to arrange assistance.

    g)    Or any other document requested by SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover for processing your request.

  • 14. Will I need to share my personal information to SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover to get assistance?

    Yes. In order to get assistance, you will have to share details with SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover who will be arranging assistance and handling your claims. SalamAir may also share some of your details to the SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover Team in order to verify your identities and dates of travel.

  • 15. Does it matter when my ticket was booked/issued?

    Yes. The ticket should have been booked and your travel dates should be between 01st October 2020 and 31st March 2022.

  • 16. Does it cover infants, children and senior citizens as well?

    Yes. Infants, children, and senior citizens besides adult passengers are covered under SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover.

  • 17. What if my journey is longer than 30 days? Can I pay to extend assistance?

    Assistance ends after 30 days. No extension is provided unless you purchase a new ticket.

  • 18. Does the assistance cover cost of mandatory quarantine even without a positive COVID-19 test?

    No, the cost of mandatory quarantine will only be covered if you are tested positive. Assistance is not provided if you are requested to quarantine without being COVID-19 positive.

  • 19. Do I qualify for assistance if I bought my SalamAir ticket via a travel agent or an online travel agent?

    Yes, as long as you hold a SalamAir ticket and have flown on SalamAir operated flight into the Sultanate of Oman between 01st October 2020 and 31st December 2021.

  • 20. Does this assistance cover me in any other country?

    No, this assistance is only for passengers flying on SalamAir into the Sultanate of Oman only.

  • 21. I have tested positive before flying to Sultanate of Oman and requested to quarantine for 14 days. Am I covered at the point of my flight origin?


  • 22. Can I contact the SalamAir Customer Center for any information relating to this cover?

    No. You must contact our 24/7 SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover using the contact details below:

    Phone: 00968 94779273

    WhatsApp: 0066 925965630