SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover

(for inbound passengers flying into Oman)

Terms & Conditions

As part of its commitment to its passengers, SalamAir is offering COVID-19 Assistance cover for its passengers arriving in the Sultanate of Oman holding GCC Passports or GCC National IDs or Visas issued by the Sultanate of Oman including residency, visit, or business. This assistance covers COVID-19 related medical and quarantine expenses for passengers flying into the Sultanate on SalamAir effective from 01st October 2020 until 30th June 2022 for travel during the same period. This does not cover Omani nationals and passengers transiting through Oman. 


· COVID-19 related assistance pertaining to Medical and Quarantine only are covered under this cover.

· COVID-19 testing expenses are not covered under this assistance cover unless they form part of the medical expenses as confirmed by the relevant doctor/hospital. 

· All or any payments made directly by the passenger, will not be eligible for any reimbursement.

· All expenses will be settled directly by this cover with the medical or non-medical facility only.

· If the passenger tests positive for COVID-19 any time during the initial 30-day period, this assistance will continue after the 30-day period up to the stated limits or upon the recovery from COVID-19 or until completion of quarantine period of 14 days, whichever is applicable.  

· It is mandatory to contact SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover (contact details provided below) as soon as possible in the event you test positive for COVID-19 in the Sultanate of Oman within the 30 days of arrival. 



Medical & Hospitalization Costs for Covid-19

At the request of the passenger and after SALAMAIR COVID-19 ASSISTANCE COVER  reviews the medical report issued by the attending doctor and the positive COVID-19 PCR test results, SALAMAIR COVID-19 ASSISTANCE COVER  will manage and pay the Passenger’s medically prescribed pharmaceutical, surgical, practitioners, and hospital costs required for the medical diagnosis and treatment related to COVID-19. Only the Passenger’s medical and hospital costs will be covered, up to the amount stated in the Table of Benefits.

Accommodation Costs Related to COVID-19 Quarantine

At the request of the Passenger and after SALAMAIR COVID-19 ASSISTANCE COVER  reviews the medical report issued by the attending doctor and the positive COVID-19 PCR test results, SALAMAIR COVID-19 ASSISTANCE COVER  will arrange and pay the Passenger’s accommodation costs if the Passenger is placed in quarantine during the Passenger’s trip by order or other requirements of a government, public authority, or travel supplier based on a positive COVID-19 PCR test recognized by the local authority. The Passenger’s accommodation costs will be covered, up to the amount stated in the Table of Benefits. Home quarantine or self-isolation is not covered.


The passenger is required to contact SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover or have a third party at the earliest contact them as soon as the Passengers receive a positive COVD-19 test and are expecting to incur costs that fall within the scope of cover. 

1.     Passenger should contact the SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover on;

  • Telephone Number 00968 94779273
  • WhatsApp 0066 92596 5630
  • Email

2.     Passenger will need to share copies of the following documents:

  1. a.    SalamAir flight ticket email confirmation
  2. b.    Boarding pass
  3. c.     Passport, including residency visa page if applicable
  4. d.    COVID-19 positive test result that should be dated on or after the first flight and within 5 days after receiving the results
  5. e.     The passenger e-mail address and contact number
  6. f. Passengers will also need to allow SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover to have access to your medical data to arrange assistance.
  7. g.     Or any other document requested by SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover for processing your request.
  8. h.     Once authorized by SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover, passengers will need to sign/acknowledge an authorization document.


1.     The passenger's COVID-19 testing expenses, unless they form part of the medical expenses as confirmed by the relevant doctor/hospital.

2.     Home or any private accommodation quarantine.

3.     Cost of treatment or care not resulting from COVID-19.

4.     Pre-existing medical conditions.

5.     Passenger diagnosed as COVID-19 Positive before departure.

6.     The passenger is not entitled to any coverage outside the Sultanate of Oman.

7.     The Passengers traveling to the Sultanate of Oman in violation of a travel ban issued by the government of the Passenger’s home country or a travel ban issued by a local authority in the Sultanate of Oman (unless such government or authority has provided exceptional permission for such travel). 

8.     Expenses incurred without the prior approval of SALAMAIR COVID-19 ASSISTANCE COVER

9.     The consequences of an unconsolidated ailment being treated and from which the Passengers are still convalescing, as well as any ailments occurring during a trip taken for the purpose of diagnosis and/or treatment

10.   The eventual results (check-up, additional treatment, recurrence) from an ailment.

11.   No repatriation due to the consequences of ailments/accidents or minor injuries that can be treated at the location and not relating to COVID- 19

12. Any compulsory quarantine expenses mandated by country of arrival, upon arrival regardless of the passenger’s Covid-19 test result.

13.   The consequences:

        a.    of exposure to chemical agents of a combat gas type

        b.    of exposure to incapacitating agents

        c.     of exposure to neurotoxic agents or agents with residual neurotoxic effects, which require a quarantine period or specific preventive or monitoring measures by the local and/or national health authorities of the country in which the Passengers are staying 

Additionally, under the " Medical and Hospital Costs Related to COVID-19” assistance, the following are excluded:

1.     the cost of thermal spa treatment, heliotherapy, slimming treatments, rejuvenation cures, and all kinds of "comfort" or beauty treatments, physiotherapist's costs

2.     the costs of implants, prostheses, artificial aids, and optical costs

3.     vaccination expenses

4.     the cost of treatment or care not resulting from COVID-19

5.     the cost of treatment or care, the therapeutic nature of which is not recognized by legislation

6.     COVID-19 tests not done under the recommendation of a doctor.

7.     Any COVID-19 tests prior to being diagnosed as COVID-19 Positive

8.     In addition to the specific terms defined for each assistance provided, Assistances will not be provided for the direct or indirect consequences of the following circumstances and events:

a.    any effects of a nuclear origin or nuclear reaction or caused by any source of ionizing radiation

b.    civil or foreign Wars, riots, popular movements, strikes, hostage-taking, handling of weapons, terrorism

c.     consumption of alcohol, drugs, or any intoxicating substance, not medically prescribed

d.    deliberate acts (including but not limited to suicide and attempted suicide) and fraudulent acts

e.     events for which liability may fall on the passenger’s travel organizer stipulating the conditions for pursuing the business of organizing and selling holidays or on the carrier, principally for reasons of air safety and/or overbooking

f.      pandemics, epidemics except as expressly covered under the section: Medical and Hospital Cost Abroad and Assistance in the Event of Death

g.     refusal to board the flight originally planned by an approved organization or intermediary

h.     voluntary participation in gambling, crime, or fights, except in the case of legitimate self-defense


All COVID-19 Assistance are in compliance with national and international laws and regulations and are subject to obtaining the necessary approval from the competent administrative authorities and taking into account potential travel restrictions and exceptional regulatory restrictions in force.

Moreover, COVID-19 Assistance cannot be held liable for delays or hindrance to the performance of the agreed services as a result of a case of force majeure or events such as strikes, riots, popular movements, restrictions on free circulation, sabotage, terrorism, civil or foreign Wars, the consequential effects of a radioactive source or any other exceptional circumstances.


The User shall not be covered for any expenses if the claim cannot be processed by COVID-19 Assistance services because of sanction, prohibition, or restriction under the United Nations resolutions or trade or economic sanctions, laws, or regulations of the European Union, United Kingdom or the United States of America.

It is COVID-19 Assistance’s decision to not cover expenses if it believes paying those expenses may breach applicable sanctions, prohibitions, restrictions, laws, or regulations.


By having the Passenger’s medical and quarantine expenses covered, the Passenger acknowledges and agrees that certain personal data, including sensitive personal data, needs to be processed by SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover to evaluate the Passenger’s claim for expenses and arrange payment for those expenses. This may include the Passenger’s name, passport details, results of Covid-19 testing, and other medical information. This data will be processed by SalamAir COVID-19 Assistance Cover. 


Additional hotel costs and cost of contacting the SALAMAIR COVID-19 ASSISTANCE COVER, following a covered event, excluding all costs for meals and drinks.

All damaging consequences of an event falling within the scope of one of the Assistance.  All damages arising from the same initial cause constitute one and the same Claim.

Refers to an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-Cov-2), exclude any mutation or variation of SARS-CoV-2

The cover commences from the first (1st) day of your arrival in the Sultanate of Oman up to the thirtieth(30th) consecutive day, regardless of the length of your trip. The cover ceases no sooner the maximum duration of 30 days whilst in Oman is completed.

Refers to the Sultanate of Oman where an individual has or will have lived continuously for more than 6 months or holder of a residency visa in the Sultanate of Oman. The individual must have a dwelling in the Sultanate of Oman.

Any person who holds a medical qualification that is legally recognized in the country in which he/she usually carries out their professional activity.

Any country except for the country where the Passengers are resident or of which the Passengers are a citizen.

Refers to Gulf Cooperative Council countries comprising of the Sultanate of Oman, State of Kuwait, Kingdom of Bahrain, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, State of Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

Shall mean the country of citizenship(s) as stated in an individual’s passport(s).

Medically prescribed pharmaceutical, surgical, practitioner and hospital costs required for diagnosis and treatment related to COVID-19

The request of an assistance service, following COVID-19 positive test result, must be submitted within 5 days after receiving the results

Every nuclear reaction that results in the release of energy, such as nuclear fusion, nuclear fission, or artificial and natural radioactivity.

Refers to SalamAir Passenger booked and ticketed on SalamAir and flying into Oman on SalamAir.

Mandatory confinement of a maximum of 14 days, intended to stop the spread of a contagious disease to which you or a travel companion has been exposed.

Trip or holiday, lasting a maximum of 30 consecutive days using an air ticket issued by SalamAir.

This includes armed conflicts, civil wars, insurrections, disturbances, riots, and mutiny.